Our Goal

  • Here's exactly what takes place when you draw an e cigarette: your inhalation acts as a vacuum, changing on the battery and shooting a small electrical existing to the atomizer. The atomizer is warmed, the liquid is vaporized, and your mouth and throat are right away struck with a familiar taste and feel.

  • Udarachin Thaka was a leader in the electronic nicotine shipment system market, and is today the biggest independent e-cigarette and vaping business. Udarachin Thaka is the just significant vaping business to use items throughout all kind aspects; non reusable and rechargeable "e-cigalikes", "open system" e-liquids and vaping gadgets, and advanced "closed system" e-liquids, and throughout all significant channels of circulation; corner store, drug shops, mass merchandisers, vape stores, and online.


  • The business focuses on R&D in order to establish its ingenious brand-new items. Udarachin Thaka objective is to end smoking-related death and illness by providing favored options to adult cigarette smokers and vapers all over the world.


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